Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Musings - Edition 1

- When you're flying alone, and you get on the plane early, how much attention do you pay to who sits next to you?  I'm like a hawk - I screen each and every person and give them a grade, from A-F, about whether I want them to sit next to me.  Things that impact the grade include:  do they look smelly?  Will they take my legroom?  Crying baby?  Talkative grandma?  Medium to small size person wearing headphones is an A+.

- I really hope Washington makes the NCAA Tournament.  But, if they don't, I think it will help my bracket, because then I won't lost because I have them winning the whole thing.

- I have not been in a Toy's R Us for something like six years.  In the last two months, I have been in one like ten times.

- I am excited for baseball season to start. I  have a hard time getting excited for spring training games now that I'm not in Arizona, but I think that on opening day something in my brain flips on and I become super interested in every pitch.

- It was Bella's third birthday yesterday.  We got her a rubber toy, which Jasmine promptly stole, and this stuffed animal thing, which was destroyed within minutes.  I think that next time I'll just buy her a bag of cotton balls.

- I'm excited to be a dad.  Tonight I was remembering how like five years ago, we tied a dog toy to a string and tied it to the ceiling fan to tease Jasmine.  How will my kid not do dumb stuff like that?  I guess I'll just have to make sure he doesn't watch me do anything ever.  I remember my first car accident - I was backing out of my parents driveway (I was only 15, with my learner's permit, so my mom was with me), and rather than brake to put it in drive, I decided to go into neutral partway back, and then go into drive to get it moving forward.  It was something I had seen my dad do countless times, and I thought it was what all "cool" drivers did.  Instead, I backed into the neighbors car across the street, and lost the $1000 I had saved up for my own car.   My kid is screwed.

- I went to Hawaii last weekend and did not go to a beach.  Thats weird.

- Playing trombone in high school was so much fun.  People wonder why trombone players are so immature.  Well, anytime you let a 15 year old kid call himself a boner, or play an instrument that used to be called a sackbut, you shouldn't be surprised.

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