Saturday, September 12, 2009

So far from home

To show our support for the impending end of the Huskies losing streak, Keely and I wore our husky jerseys to the HEB grocery store to go buy some snacks for the game.*. We're checking out, and the checker looks at us, and asks if they're is a high school game going on today. I said no, and that these were college jerseys. She looked confused, so I said they were for the university of Washington, as I swiped my UW debit card. She thought a second, and then said "what are you wearing those for?". The aggie aren't even playing today, and I even wore my aggie hat to calm people down. She was at least nice enough to ask who we were playing, but she didn't look impressed when I said Idaho, but she might not even know where Idaho is..

*Keely has a new Jake locker jersey, but I still have a rich Alexis one. I think maybe I'll get a Nick Montana one in a few years.

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