Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Two-run walk-off homerun in the 10th to win it for the M's.  Even though his picture kind of makes him look like a douche-y frat-guy, you gotta love his name, and his game winning power.

Okay, so my top five players on the M's this year are:

1) Franklin Gutierrez - No, I don't say it all spanish-like like Dave Sims, but he still kicks serious butt.
2) Felix Hernandez - He's been slacking a bit lately, but I hope the M's are willing to pay up to $100M to keep him (though not more)
3) David Aardsma - Where'd this guy come from?  I guess his season really makes the Met's look like tools for paying ~ $10M to K-rod.  But no sense kicking them while they're down.
4) Russell the Muscle - Would have been higher, but he's been striking out more times daily than I check my email.
5) Adrian "not so balls-of-steel" Beltre - Probably the hardest working guy on the team.

Honorable Mention - Ken Griffey Jr. - Even though he sucks most of the time, its amazing how any time he comes up in a crucial situation, I nearly stop breathing.
Best "Hans" - Hannahan and Langerhans!

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  1. Loved the shout out for being your loyal fan, and Fan I Am. Like the Mariners if I'm at the game, otherwise . . . Go HAWKS!!