Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to blogspot! + XM radio renovation

I've decided to take my blog back to blogspot. I was writing it and uploading it myself using iWeb, but then I could only write when I was around my laptop, and you couldn't leave comments! So for my loyal fan (singular, you know who I'm talking to), I've switched it over to here. I still plan to advertise on facebook anytime I post, and I'll point my old blog here.

So, to kick things off, I drove down to the Apple Store* in Houston today after work to pick up my laptop. I took it there yesterday morning on the way back from the airport (after a weekend in BoMo, congrats B & B) because it would click anytime the sudden motion sensor engaged. This might not seem serious, but it is hyper-sensitive, so that anytime it even shifts on my lap (like when I typed this last sentence), I hear "click." Anyways, according to Apple, this is "normal", which I guess means I get to look forward to hearing this clicking sound for the next three years.

*Among the bad things about College Station is its lack of an Apple Store. They may tell you Mac Resource will fix your stuff, but they would be lying, and then you'd be out $75.**
** Yes, I stole this asterisk/footnote thingy from the infamous Joe Posnanski (see Joe's Blog, especially the Yuni posts).***
*** Don't you just love footnotes? They say "I want to say something, but I'm too lazy to reconfigure this sentence around it. "

So I'm driving back, wondering why Jasmine is trying to sleep sitting up in the passenger seat (she really doesn't like driving in my CRV, but for some reason she was too afraid to move to the back seat), and I'm flipping through my XM stations, and I come across channel 25, which is called "The Blend", but might as well be called "Rod Stewart and Phil Collins lull you to sleep" because I swear they are always on. So instead of flipping past it, I decide its high time to redo my XM presets (who needs to watch the road anyways). After flipping through all 247647563 channels, here are my top 10 which I've saved:

Channel 9: "The 90's" - because I need me some MC hammer every now and then. Plus, its only one click from channel 8, "The 80's" (nice numbering scheme XM!).

Channel 20: "20 on 20" -

Channel 21: "Kiss" - Nope, not the band, but the national station. I think their motto is "why wait through 19 songs to hear your favorite song when we'll play it every 19 minutes?"

Channel 22: "The Mix" - I don't really know what it is, but I think Pink plays them to always be playing one of here songs whenever I visit it (yes, I'm that important).

Channel 24: "The Pink Channel" - Believe it or not, this is different to the previous channel, as the pink actually denotes it supports breast cancer research. This is the station that replaced "Rod Stewart 24/7", and I don't even remember what it was playing. I think I kept it since I didn't have to go far to find it.

Channel 26: "The Pulse" - I guess its guaranteed to keep me alive.

Channel 44: "1st Wave" - I don't know what that means, but its probably my favorite of the rock stations.

Channel 47: "Alt Nation" - Rivaling Colbert nation

Channel 49: "Classic Rewind" - Who doesn't love classic rock.

Channel 53: "Boneyard" - Jay Buhner!

Channel 54: "Lithium" - A trace amount of this was created in the Big Bang.

Channel 58: "E Street Radio" - Because I love hearing Max Weinberg in the car.

Stations that got the ax:
Channel 25: "The Blend" - for aforementioned reasons.
Channel 176: "MLB Play-by-play" - I know where it is when I need it, same for:
Channel 193: "Pac 10"

So, if you're bored enough you've read all the way to here, what are your favorite XM stations? Is there anything I'm missing? Let me know.


  1. You left off all the news channels, but that just shows my age . . . would rather listen to talking heads actually talking then Talking Heads actually singing.

  2. I guess I agree with your new presets, but I think I should have at least been given a consultation fee since some of those original channels are my favorites and I always made us skip over the "Rod Stewart" station, at least when I was in the car :)

  3. wow.....i read it all, and am still confused. Give the pups butt scratches for me!